Q. Do you ship your products?

A.  We do not have the ability to ship any products whether it be raw dairy, organic produce or grass fed meats outside of the Bay County, Florida area. We are strictly a pick-up based buying club.


Q. Where is your pickup location?

A.  Pick up location addresses will be disclosed only in our private Facebook group, via phone or email. This is to protect everyone involved.


Q. What kinds of products are sold through the buying club?

A. We can order almost anything you can buy at a regular grocery store — from bulk grains and dairy to supplements and shampoo. There are over 18,000 items to choose from, many of which are organic. We also order grass-fed meats and provide a twice a month produce and raw dairy service. Spices, personal care products, and baking aids are available through Frontier every two months.


Q. Can I use Coupons or Food Stamps ?

A.  At present, we are unable to accept coupons or food stamps.


Q. Is your meat pastured or “grassfed”?

A. You can get 100% grassfed beef from US Wellness Meats (twice monthly) & Zaycon Foods (schedule varies).


Q. If I join do I have to order every month?

A. No, you order only when you need to, but remaining inactive for more than 3 weeks might result in your account being suspended. You can reactivate at any time by emailing us to place an order.


Q. What fees are involved in joining the buying club?

A. At this time, we are not charging a membership fee, but a 10% fee will be   added to each order.


Q. Does everyone pay the % fee, or are some members paying less or none at all?

A. Every member who orders is charged this fee. The Coordinators, however, do NOT pay this fee. This is their small compensation for all they do. The Coordinators have more responsibilities than the regular members and have tasks that must be performed throughout the month, not just on delivery days. In an average month, each of the Coordinators’ orders totals about $850. 5% of that order would be $42.50. This is the Coordinators’ compensation for volunteering their time and talents.


Q. How are the fees that I am charged for each of my orders spent?

A. This answer is a little more complicated because the needs of our club change from month to month and from season to season. Most of the money is spent on recurring costs:


    Printing fees

    Bags for splitting bulk items

    Phone and text messaging fees associated with the co-op

    This website

    Dry ice

    Fuel for Ocheesee pick-up driver


The other things we have used this money for are as follows:



    Deposit slips


    Large cooler


Q. Are prices on the website guaranteed?

A. No, they are not. At times, prices will change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control such as availability, market conditions or human error.


Q. I am ready to sign up! What do I do next?

A. Create an account and join us on Facebook!



Q. How do I begin ordering?

A. Our ordering system is web-based. Once your application is approved, you will receive a login and password that you can use to compile your order.


Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. Cash, Check and PayPal. Please remember that PayPal is accepted as a convenience for you and club members are expected to pay all associated fees.





We are a community run buying club, serving the Bay County, Florida area. Our goal is to provide access to high quality organic and natural foods at the lowest price possible.

PO Box 2134
Lynn Haven, FL 32444