Welcome to Abundant Organic & Naturals Buying Club

Thank you for your interest in Abundant Organic and Naturals Buying Club. The following information is here to help you get started buying the best food and products possible for the lowest prices.

We are a Buying Club for the convenience of health conscious residents of  Panama City,  Florida and the surrounding areas. We welcome new members. Keep reading for more information on getting started.


If you live outside the Bay County, Florida area we are sorry to have to inform you that we do not ship, we are also not a store that you can visit while you are in town.


Our club offers the exclusive privilege of ordering organic, natural foods through reliable distributors and farmers.


At this time, we have opted not to have a membership fee. We will, however, add a 10% charge to each order.


As a member, you are given access to our private Facebook page, provided with current price lists from our suppliers and kept up to date about new and upcoming opportunities and changes.




We are a community run buying club, serving the Bay County, Florida area. Our goal is to provide access to high quality organic and natural foods at the lowest price possible.

PO Box 2134
Lynn Haven, FL 32444